Availing yourself of spray foam insulation is a service that you should consider. Why? It’s because insulating your property is a must, especially if you live in areas with warmer climates such as Harris County, TX. And this specific type of insulation is extremely effective in regulating your home’s temperature, as well as to prevent moisture from entering it. While there are many benefits of getting an SPF insulation, you must first understand what it is.

What is SPF?

Now that you know what SPF insulations are, it’s time to discuss its advantages. So, what are the benefits of opting for this kind of service for your home in Harris County, TX?

1. High R-Value

R-value is the capability of an insulator to resist heat flow. This means that the higher the R-value of a certain substance, the better it is at insulating heat. With that in mind, the R-value of SPF is 6.3 per one inch of thickness. In comparison, wool — the most common insulation material used — only has a value of 3.5 per one inch of thickness. Now, that is a big difference! This gives SPF a clear advantage in regulating your home’s temperature.

2. Prevents Air and Gas Infiltration

Infiltration happens when air finds its way into an establishment through small cracks in the wall, which leads to a large amount of energy loss. The reason being is that it takes more energy to heat up your home when cold air is constantly flowing inside your house. But because of the way SPF is applied, it can squeeze itself into nooks and crannies within the walls, making it an excellent air sealant. Essentially, SPF helps in conserving energy.

3. Helps Reduce Moisture and Molds

In addition to being a great air sealant, SPF can also keep out moisture. This means that molds won’t grow as easily inside your home. Since the foam is also water-resistant, mold will not be able to eat through it, completely stopping fungi from entering your residence.

4. Enhances Overall Building Stability

Spray foam insulation has high density and the ability to get inside the hard-to-reach places in walls. This helps make the structure sturdier and more durable. In addition to this, since the material is water-resistant, it can also prevent water damage from occurring inside your home.

5. SPF Pays For Itself

Now, you see the versatility of SPF as an insulator. It can do more than just regulate your home's temperature, as well as to make it structurally sound. The amount of energy you save by preventing air infiltration should be reason enough for you to get this type of insulator. But it doesn't stop there. SPF is one of the most durable insulators found on the market today. Its longevity is essential if you are thinking about your budget. Why would you spend less money on an insulator you will replace in only a year when you can spend a few extra bucks on an investment that will last you over a decade?

As you can see, getting an SPF would only prove to be advantageous for you and your home in the long run. And here at Ecofoam Insulation and Roofing, we provide our clients with only the best that the market has to offer: Foam-Lok. While it’s true that SPF itself provides better insulation value and reduces air infiltration, Foam-Lok offers a continuous air barrier for your property. Apart from that, it also has its own benefits that give Foam-Lok an edge above the rest.

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